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Introducing WinKitLE

WinKitLE (Light Edition) is the free edition of our successful WinKit (Window Integration Toolkit) utility. The WinKitLE contains the basic features of the WinKit as well as a simple step-by-step introduction (PDF Document). Using the WinKitLE you will be able to integrate your existing Progress Application into GUI for .NET. The intention of the WinKitLE is to demonstrate the capabilities of the WinKit and the OpenEdge GUI for .NET in general.


WinKitLE is delivered for free, as is, most source code is unencrypted. There is no liability of any kind. WinKitLE is not commercially supported by Consultingwerk – even though large parts of the code base are similar to the commercial edition of the WinKit.


We have created a discussion form on Google groups. Please don’t hesitate to sign up and join the club.

Feature comparison: WinKit - WinKitLE

Feature Included with WinKit Included with WinKitLE 
Optional starting of Progress Windows from MDI Container 
Embedded Windows with automated rendering of MENU-BAR 
Rendering of ABL Toolbars X (Tool supported) X (Manual task) 
Rendering of ABL Browser using Infragistics UltraWinGrid X (including full source code) X (encrypted source code) 
Customization of Colors 
Toolbar and Ribbon Designer  
Date Popups, etc.  
Button overlaying  
Tabfolder, Splitcontainer etc.  
Consulting, Support, Customization  
Google Forum 
ADM2 SmartToolbar Support  




WinKitLE Download & Links

Getting started with Embedded Windows: An introduction into WinKitLE (May 2nd, 2011, Release 1.0.17561)

WinKitLE_17802.zip (June 11th, 2011, Release 1.0.17802)

• WinKit Developers Forum on Google Groups: groups.google.com/group/winkitdevelopers


Download presentation:

Getting started with Embedded Windows

An introduction into WinKitLE

Mike Fechner, Director, Consultingwerk Ltd.

Ontario PUG Winter 2011: User Interfaces, Toronto, CA

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Session recording: Click here!

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