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WinKit Showcase

WinKit is the tool that simplifies user interface enhancements of your existing Progress application. Pictures (screenshots from successful customer projects) will be more impressive than any word can be!


Shuttleworth Business Systems, UK

The main menu at Shuttleworth has been realized so far based on a menu/toolbar program. This has been migrated to a .NET MDI Container using the WinKit. The selection screens are embedded as MDI Children. We are overlaying the Browse Widget with an Infragistics Grid that completly takes over the functionality of the Browse widget. Only the input widgets used for filtering purposes remain Progress widgets. We can ensure almost full reusability of the existing application logic. The screenshots demonstrate before and after.

The maintenance screens are embedded in multiple layers into the .NET Container with a Ribbon. The existing application logic remains functional and the appearance of the screens will be remarkable enhanced by the Ribbon, modern TabFolder Controls (nested) and fresh colors.

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