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The SmartComponent Library is the framework for the OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA), OpenEdge GUI for .NET™, mobile applications and OpenEdge BPM.


The SmartComponent Library is designed to deliver true productivity in developing OpenEdge Reference Architecture (OERA) compliant applications using OpenEdge GUI for .NET and the Visual Designer. It brings data-centric design to OpenEdge Architect with flexible wizards and templates, rich and powerful foundation classes allowing developers to focus on what’s really important. Recent additions to the framework allow the extension of user interfaces to mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad and Android devices. The tight integration with OpenEdge BPM completes the feature list.


The development paradigm is based on the strict separation of backend business logic and frontend design following the principles of the OERA. While this ensures simple reuse of your business logic by a large number of potential consumers this is almost transparent to the application developer. The SmartComponent Library includes the separation of user interface functions into specialized components which are maintained directly in the Visual Designer. These components include Toolbars, Ribbon, Viewer, Browser, Lookups and TreeViews. These can be used in a large variety of container or layout controls like tabfolders, dockable panes, flow panels, etc. to achieve an individual and modern user interface design. Furthermore the SmartComponent Library can easily be enhanced using other .NET controls.


Flexible DataBinding

The core of each business application is access to data – usually from a database or application server. We have integrated wizards into the Visual Designer of OpenEdge Architect to provide access to the runtime data schema when it’s required at design time. The SmartComponent Library uses DataAdapter components for all data access tasks from the frontend. It’s a simple task to use database queries, temp-tables, ProDatasets, OERA Business Entities or already existing data providers and backend components. SmartComponent Library based applications can communicate with literally any backend. Multiple backend architectures can be mixed inside a single application or application form.


Tight Integration into the Visual Designer

Right from the start of the development you will benefit from our specialized components. The design of toolbars and menus will leverage existing and standardized sets of tools. At the same time you can implement additional tools just “in place”. Browser controls use integrated state management and communication with the other components without losing the powerful and flexible “in-place” editing capabilities expected from a .NET user interface. Using the SmartComponent Library, the DataBinding – a central concept of .NET data handling screens – has access to the schema of your data source directly in the Visual Designer. When developing viewer components, the customizable wizards allow you to generate fully functional fields and lookups including the label component and all the required data binding properties. Additional wizards can be created as required.


Business Entity Designer

Business Entities are the core of the backend architecture of the SmartComponent Library and the OpenEdge Reference Architecture. Included is a graphical Business Entity Designer which can be used as simple as drag and drop from a database schema but also allows denormalized designs or the creation of abstracted data models. The Business Entity Designer is written using the SmartComponent Library, allows for automation and the generated code can be customized using templates and the OpenEdge ABL.


Additional runtime features

Out of the box user interface functions include


• A dynamic viewer component that allows end users to customize the UI at runtime

Updatable browsers

• Simple but powerful lookup components

User profile management (including storing window position and sizes)

Security which can plug into existing security infrastructure

• User interface translation


Prepared for the OpenEdge BPM and mobile devices

Through the use of the optional SmartBPMAdapter the integration of flexible Business Processes is very simple. The integrated task list form features alerts and notifications similar to e-mail applications or instant messengers. Users can launch new process instances or respond to assigned tasks from business logic or on user’s request. A central part of the BPM integration is the workflow form designer that allows business users to design and modify user interfaces that interact with business processes.


The SmartComponents.Mobile framework simplifies the creation of native apps for Apples iOS devices (iPhone and iPad) or Android devices. The framework offers similar APIs to those available for the Windows Desktop and uses the same way of accessing data from the backend. The framework’s foundation even allows reusing the client side logic on both mobile platforms while enabling you to build optimized user interfaces using the latest API’s of each target platform.


Ready for OpenEdge 11

The SmartComponent Library is currently shipped and supported on OpenEdge 10.2B. However our development team has already ensured compatibility with the upcoming major release. With the commercial availability of OpenEdge 11 our customers will instantly be able to use the new core features such as b>Multi-Tenancy or core language objects for communicating with the OpenEdge BPM/Savvion with updating to the latest framework version. Our tools are tested using the latest OpenEdge UltraControls (Infragistics Controls) to ensure that your application supports the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2010. We will be supporting the latest additions to the ABL programming language as soon as they are available.


SmartComponent Library Announce Google Group

Keep up to date with news about releases of the SmartComponent Library through our mailing lists:



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