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The SmartComponent Library

is the reference architecture compliant framework for the OpenEdge GUI for .NET, Progress Pacific, mobile devices, the web, OpenEdge BPM and Corticon designed to modernize existing applications as well as to provide the foundation for new projects – in the cloud and on premise.

The framework provides rich functionality both at design time and at runtime and allows integration with existing frameworks and provides flexible customization options.

The SmartComponent Library is based on the OpenEdge Reference Architecture and implements the Common Component Specification and thus allowing the flexible reuse of business logic in any kind of user interface or consumer; both facilitating and improving the capabilities of the object oriented ABL.

Tools to ensure your productivity!

The application backend is build using a flexible roundtrip development capable Business Entity Designer that allows a flexible template-based code generation both for the application front and backend. The tool can easily be extended using ABL based plug-ins. The framework is tightly integrate into the development tools provided by Progress Software to ensure ultimate developer productivity. From ABL developers for ABL developers and beyond.


OpenEdge GUI for .NET

The SmartComponent Library was developed to provide a productive and yet flexible development environment for the GUI for .NET. The framework provides wizards integrated into the Visual Designer that speed up the development without limiting the possibilities of the .NET UI technology. No matter if you are using the Infragistics/OpenEdge UltraControls or Progress Software/Telerik RadControls.

Mobile applications

The framework simplifies the development of hybrid or native mobile hybrid applications by directly exposing the application and framework backend components to any JSDO based consumer. The framework seamlessly integrates with the Telerik Platform and NativeScript. The framework does provide further mobile options based on the Xamarin Platform for cross platform .NET based mobile development.


Web and Tablet applications

The framework provides simple template based development of web and tablet applicati ons based on Telerik Kendo UI, Angular JS, Bootstrap and JavaScript or TypeScript without requiring the complexity of the mix of all those technologies. User interface components can be defi ned and combined using a variety of opti ons: based on a visual designer, annotations in your Business Logic, our repository database or through the full flexibility of Angular JS directi ves in HTML5 code. All applications leverage our predefined and tested navigation, data entry and validati on logic.

Progress Rollbase and Pacific

The framework is prepared for integrati on with the cloud or on premise based Progress Pacific and Rollbase development and deployment environment (PaaS). Our tools simplify the creation of business applicati ons for the cloud of any required complexity. Our Rollbase Adapter allows unique bi-directi onal communication between OpenEdge and Rollbase Applications.


DataDirect OpenAccess Integration

Using a one click wizard all Business and Data Access logic may be exposed to standard BI tools using the DataDirect OpenAccess SDK and our tight IP provider integration.


Business Process-enabled framework

The SmartBPMAdapter integrates BPM processes into the application. The application provides process visibility to the user and can acti vely control the process fl ow as well as allowing the process to control the application flow.


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