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Progress OpenEdge BPM combines the industry-leading business process management (BPM) solution with the OpenEdge application development platform. The Consultingwerk SmartBPMAdapter provides out of the box integration between OpenEdge applications and OpenEdge BPM. The SmartBPMAdapter simplifies the communication and provides out of the box feature rich GUI components (based on OpenEdge GUI for .NET) for all aspects of the BPM integration into a Progress OpenEdge application.


Customizable Task List

In the center of the SmartBPMAdapter is a task list that presents the user with all currently assigned tasks. The task list can automatically be refreshed to show the user new tasks or workflow items that require attention. To attract the user’s attention the task list can inform the user with desktop alerts or sounds. The display of the task list is configurable and it is possible to control which actions should be executed when the user opens an assigned task: e.g. opening an existing application window or application form, a procedure or existing ABL routine or a specialized workflow form.


Workflow Form Designer

Another unique feature of the SmartBPMAdapter is the Form designer. The Form Designer enables business users to create and modify user interfaces to start new workflows or interact with existing work items. All the user has to do is to select the process and work step and then drag the data elements that matter onto the design canvas. The tool will decide how to handle those data elements and allows the use of some basic container elements such as group boxes and tab folders. If required the user can also use predefined lookup components to assign data elements with application data. The lookups will typically be defined by a more technical user and receive their data from OpenEdge Reference Architecture compliant data providers (Business Entities) or other data access routines and components.


Application Integration

The SmartBPMAdapter enables your application to start new process instances or to respond to work items from anywhere in your business logic, typically while processing data or user input. The SmartBPMAdapter contains a session management infrastructure that makes it transparent from which tier of your application you need to access the business process management server. Therefor the SmartBPMAdapter can also be used as the foundation for integration of OpenEdge BPM into GUI or web applications or alternative clients such as mobile devices (e.g. Apple iPad).


Ready for OpenEdge 11

The SmartBPMAdapter is delivered as an add-on to the SmartComponent Library framework but can also be used stand-alone in your existing OpenEdge GUI or GUI for .NET™ application. The SmartBPMAdapter is available for OpenEdge 10.2B and will also be available based on the new core language objects with the release of OpenEdge 11.


Progress OpenEdge Business Process-enabled Application Development Platform

More information about OpenEdge BPM is available on the OpenEdge BPM Website

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