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PUG Challenge Americas 2011

Join Progress® users from throughout the Americas and worldwide at the inaugural PUG Challenge Americas Conference - a face-to-face forum for exchanging ideas, tips and best practices on Progress' suite of technology tools.


With over 40 technical sessions plus many workshops, info exchanges and commercial sessions, this conference is the destination for guidance on real-world OpenEdge innovations. The conference mixes both the old and the new with practical, technical insight. Come and hear authorities in the Progress community, leaders from Progress Software Corporation, and industry experts about cutting-edge computing issues, modernizing applications, taking advantage of the web, and cloud computing. Be among the first to hear Progress announcements about OpenEdge Version 11, the first multi-tenant database in the Industry, which will be nearing release.


Preliminary Agenda posted

The Preliminary Agenda has been selected and includes these sessions:


Database (12), Development (9), UI (5), OO (5), Success Stories (2), Security (1), Messaging (1), Other (6) from these expert speakers from Progress Software and the community: David Abdala, Adam Backman, Rich Banville, Tom Bascom, Sunil Belgaonkar, Gus Bjorklund, Scott Blaubach, Alon Blich, Shelly Chase, David Cleary, Scott Dulecki, Marian Edu, Mike Fechner, Dan Foreman, Dustin Grau, Bruce Gruenbaum, Paul Guggenheim, John Harlow, Peter Judge, Paul Koufalis, Tim Kuehn, Jeff Ledbetter, Dmitri Levin, Chris Longo, Thomas Mercer-Hursh, Mike Ormerod, Brian Preece, Marv Stone, Rob Straight, Mary Szekley and Ken Wilner.


Browse through session information—speakers, title, difficulty, and outline—at pugchallenge.org/agenda.html.


Also you may know that the PUG Challenge Americas 2011 is relocated to the Westford Regency Inn in Westford, Massachusetts, USA. The conference has moved because of unfortunate issues with the original venue. You will need to cancel any reservations at the Nashua Radisson hotel.


Workshops at PUG Challenge Americas!

On Sunday, 5th of June, PUG Challenge Americas will start with a series of practical, hands-on workshops.


Details about the workshop can be found in the attached PDF document


Consultingwerk will be conducting the following workshop:


Getting started with Embedded Windows – A practical introduction into WinKitLE

Time: Sunday, June 5, 1:30 p.m.

Presenters: Mike Fechner, Director, Consultingwerk Marko Rüterbories, Consultingwerk, Germany

Level: Introductory

Audience: Attendants should have experience in ABL GUI development, basic GUI for .NET understanding is useful, but not required


In this 3 hour workshop Mike Fechner and Marko Rüterbories from Consultingwerk will focus on Progress' GUI for .NET and it’s compatibility features to enhance the visual appearance of existing OpenEdge GUI applications. Embedded Windows are a perfect way to integrate GUI screens into .NET WinForms based screens. After covering the basics of embedded windows and compatibility between ABL windows and .NET Forms in the Progress client runtime the participants of the workshop will receive an introduction to WinKitLE. This toolkit is based on the popular WinKit that Consultingwerk has successfully used with a large number of Progress partners to enhance the appearance of existing Progress applications using GUI for .NET. Participants will receive a copy of the source code of the WinKitLE and the samples as well as the documentation.

Consultingwerk is proud sponsor of PUG Challenge Americas!

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