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SmartComponents.Mobile framework extends the SmartComponent Library framework to mobile devices such as Apple’s iPhone and iPad or Android. The framework is based on .NET technology and reuses the backend business logic and services of the SmartComponent Library and ensures cost and time efficient development of mobile Apps by the ability to reuse code on mobile platforms from different vendors.


Extending the reach of OpenEdge applications

The SmartComponents.Mobile framework sits on top of the SmartComponent Library and connects mobile devices from Apple’s iPhone, iPad and Android platforms to OpenEdge backends. The framework simplifies the creation of native apps and does not have the disadvantages of web applications on mobile devices: inefficient use of hardware resources, lack of integration with other apps on the device, limitations when working with gestures, dependency on the quality of network and latency, lack of standards. With the SmartComponents.Mobile framework you create mobile apps that are a first class citizen on today’s powerful and user friendly mobile devices: phones and tablets - way ahead of AJAX or HTML5 based solutions.


Develop once – reuse on multiple platforms

The SmartComponents.Mobile framework leverages .NET technology to achieve platform independence for client logic to be deployed to the mobile devices as well as for the framework code itself. The framework code offers the same API’s on all platforms and those API’s are actually the same API’s developers already know from the SmartComponent Library framework on the Windows desktop. The only piece of code that will have to be written for the client platform is the user interface – this allows you to use every feature of either Apple’s SDK or Google’s SDK without compromise where it matters: Right on the users finger tips.


Key features

The framework contains the complete infrastructure for communicating with the OpenEdge backend and allows access to virtually any ABL accessible data source, preferably OERA Business Entities. We further provide user interface service components and components that simplify the creation of user interfaces with list scrolling lists of records that optionally support batching and data entry screens.


The SmartComponents.Mobile framework integrates into the Business Entity Designer of the SmartComponent Library and supports the generation of code.



Ready for OpenEdge 11

The SmartComponents.Mobile framework is ready for OpenEdge 11 such as support for multi-tenancy enabled apps. The SmartComponents.Mobile framework can be combined with the SmartBPMAdapter for BPM enabling your mobile applications including push notifications for actions that require immediate attention.


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