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SmartComponent Library

Rapid application development for the Visual Designer: The SmartComponent Library ensures your successful transition towards developing using the Visual Designer. While developing your application you will use functional foundation classes and reference objects that were developed especially for the OpenEdge GUI for .NET. These components enable the development of fully functional applications with a minimum of manual written source code. Application functionality includes the maintenance of (database) records using navigation and control elements, selection browsers, viewers and lookups.


The development approach includes the separation of user interface functions into specialized components which are maintained in the Visual Designer. These components include Toolbars, Viewer, Browser and Lookups which can be used in a huge variety of container controls to design an individual application window or MDI container. TabFolders, Outlookbars or Dockable Panes can be used in a flexible way as container controls as required. This design and method of development leverages UserControls and supports the development of YOUR personal .NET UI as the created components can be placed on any container controls as desired.


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