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The World's Foremost Experts in Progress OpenEdge Database Administration

Everyone on our team has more than 20 years of experience with Progress OpenEdge in multiple industries and disciplines. We ensure that our quality-driven Remote Database Administration services are tailored to meet your needs and to exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to delivering optimal database and data management performance.


Meet the DBAppraise founders: Adam Backman & Tom Bascom

Adam leads the Database Performance Tuning and Administration division of White Star Software (DBAppraise's sister company). He provides training and consulting services to clients world-wide. Adam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each of his client's business issues and employs a logical approach in his work.


Adam's niches include providing high-quality customer service, resolving difficult system and database issues, and determining hardware sizing for database systems. His other specialties include database backup/recovery planning, administration, and testing. He has years of experience working with all of the operating systems supported by Progress Software (since Version 3). Adam's particular areas of interest include planning highly-available systems and interacting with his clients as he educates them.


Since 1996, Adam has been a presenter at Progress Software events around the world, on topics including database system performance tuning, high availability, and OpenEdge internals. He has also written several books including: "Who Cares if You Have a Good Backup if You Can't Recover?" which describes how to create a comprehensive recovery strategy for Progress Software's RDBMS, and "OpenEdge Revealed," an Expert Series book published by Progress Software.

Tom has been working with Progress since 1988 and is well-known to the Progess community for his consulting expertise and experience with OpenEdge. Tom is a frequent contributor of technical articles and a speaker at Progress Exchange and Progress User Groups. His widely acclaimed and freely downloadable Progress tool set, including the ProTop database monitoring, ReadProbe performance benchmarking, PACE load simulation, and the Highly Parallel Dump and Load Toolkit is used by Progress DBA's around the world.


Tom is also known for his vertical market success as a founder and chief architect for Lakewood Corporation. After selling Lakewood Corporation to EDS in 1995, Tom worked for EDS as an Enterprise Architect on various projects until the summer of 2000. He then joined printChannel.com, the leading vendor of Web-based print procurement solutions, as VP of Engineering where he was responsible for Software Development and IT Operations in support of printChannel's global service offering. After the dot-com collapse, in 2002 Tom founded Greenfield Technologies to serve the needs of Progress users worldwide. He joined DBAppraise's sister company, White Star Software, in 2007.

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