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Consultingwerk: DBAppraise Capabilities
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DBAppraise Capabilities Overview

DBAppraise Alert List

Proactive System Availability


• Database Availability

• Storage Area Capacity

• Low Disk Space

• After Image Extent Availaibility

• Before Image Growth

• Blocked Sessions


Proactive Performance Monitoring


• Users & Connections

• Record Creates, Reads, Updates, Deletes, Locks & Waits

• Table Activity

• Database Buffer Flushes

• Lock Table Size

• Long Standing Open Transactions

• Transaction Commit Rate

• Inefficient Queries

• Buffer Cache Hit Ratio

• Latch & Resource Waits

• Application Performance Indicators*


Backup & Recovery


• Successful Backup Completion

• Status Of Warm Spare


Storage Management


• Storage Area Free Space

• Extent Management

• Capacity Trend

• Object Fragmentation & Scatter

• Hot Spots

• Record Packing


OS Metrics


• CPU utilization

• System Calls

• Context Switching


* Application performance monitoring requires a customized module. Not all applications can provide the necessary support for this feature.




DBAppraise Proactive Maintenance and Support

Problem Resolution


• Database Crash Recovery

• Restore & Roll-Forward

• Failover & Failback

• Abnormal User Disconnects


Proactive Problem Avoidance


• Create/Reallocate Extents

• Proactive Parameter Tuning

• DB Metric Trend Analysis

• Appropriateness of Storage Area Configuration


Second Level Support


• Issue Escalation

• Inquiries For Assistance

DBAppraise Premium Services

Premium Services *


• Onsite Meetings

• System Conversions & Upgrades

• Database Dump & Load

• Staff Training & Mentoring

• Extended Tuning Engagements

• Separately Planned Projects

• Projects Requiring Travel


* Premium services are available separately from DBAppraise Remote DBA service plans.



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