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Ten Reasons To Choose The DBAppraise™ Remote Database Administration Service

1 Every DBA on our team of world-class Progress OpenEdge database administration experts has more than 20 years experience with Progress. We use this experience to ensure that you achieve all of your database administration, application development and data warehousing goals. 
2 DBAppraise's Progress OpenEdge Remote Database Administration service is "On The Job Around The Clock" for all your database administration needs. 
3 DBAppraise's Database Remote Administration service eliminates the overhead, cost and time burden associated with recruiting, training and retaining full-time Progress OpenEdge database administrators. 
4 DBAppraise's only business is Progress OpenEdge database administration. We are constantly looking at ways to improve that business and it shows! 
5 DBAppraise's Database Administration team has worked with Progress since version 3. We have the knowledge and experience to truly optimize your Progress OpenEdge databases. 
6 We wrote these books on Progress and OpenEdge. 
7 DBAppraise's Progress OpenEdge Remote Database Administration service has a proven track record for delivering results through its unparalleled service, reliability and accountability. We are very proud of our state of the art Database Operations Portal and our industry leading policies, practices and procedures. 
8 The DBAppraise Remote Database Administration service delivers the highest possible level of customer satisfaction and service excellence. We measure and maintain our high standards of quality and service based on your feedback and routine customer surveys. 
9 The DBAppraise Remote Database Administration service uses world class database and application performance management tools. DBAppraise's own "Best-of-Breed" tools and systems enable our Progress OpenEdge Database Administration Service to track all problems from cradle to grave. 
10 DBAppraise takes the worry out of managing your database, so you can focus on your core business. 

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