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With OpenEdge 10.2 Progress Software makes it possible for partners and customers to access Microsoft .NET technology and leverage powerful user interface controls and components for building application front ends that are competitive on today’s market. Unlike with any other modernization approach the WinKit from Consultingwerk does not require a major application rewrite or break up of the existing application architecture. With the WinKit we provide you with a unique tool, with which you can adopt OpenEdge 10.2B and GUI for .NET easily, quickly and effectively using your existing Progress application and existing skills – without limiting the capabilities of the new user interface technology.


OpenEdge 10.2 was not just equipped with the new GUI for .NET. The new OpenEdge release allows for the simultaneous use of user interfaces based on .NET WinForms and the conventional Progress GUI widgets. OpenEdge 10.2 is equipped with compatibility features that let the new and classic user interfaces act as a single application. These features allow embedding the contents of conventional Progress windows into a .NET form as a user interface component. A feature which allows the two UI worlds to completely merge – the result being a mixed but modern user interface.


WinKit features

The WinKit simplifies the use of embedded Windows and greatly enhances the possibilities of those. The toolkit contains customizable template features like a new main menu using an MDI container and application windows using container elements like .NET tabfolders or dockable panes.


Features include the automated conversion of existing menu structures and toolbars to .NET menus, toolbars or the Ribbon (known from latest Microsoft products). This process is customizable by the use of the graphical Toolbar & Ribbon Designer or customizable callbacks. The Toolbar & Ribbon Designer can be used by developers right from inside the application and allows drag and drop rearranging of tools and similar rich editing capabilities. The WinKit also contains specialized .NET components such as


• Toolbars with an optional integration into ADM/ADM2

• Tab folders that will replace existing ABL tab folders in place

• A customized version of the Infragistics UltraGrid control that automatically replaces existing Progress Browser widgets and enhances the look and provides additional functionality

• .NET popups like date calendar entry.


The WinKit contains an SDK to support embedding and enhancing legacy applications. With the WinKit existing applications will automatically be adjusted to the current color profile of the .NET user interface and receive resizing capabilities. Through these techniques the existing application will be enhanced and fit perfectly with new screens developed using.NET user interface components. We have successfully used the WinKit with applications based on ADM/ADM2, custom frameworks or no framework at all.


WinKit workshop

The WinKit is usually delivered to customers in the form of an implementation workshop that should follow basic OpenEdge GUI for .NET training. In the implementation workshop we ensure the successful adoption of the WinKit in the customer’s application. We help to ensure a proper setup of a modern development environment, identify the integration points between your application and framework and perform required customization. During the WinKit workshop your team will receive in depth insight into the tools to ensure future maintenance of the updated application without external support.


Continued maintenance in the AppBuilder

In order to achieve very quick results in the first project phase, the ongoing development and maintenance of the existing application can be continued using the AppBuilder. The entire integration into GUI for .NET is typically achieved using customizable include files, allowing for maximum re-use of valuable existing Progress .w files during the gradual migration to an up to date .NET user interface.


Using preprocessor switches source code can also be used and maintained in Progress releases prior to 10.2A. A powerful advantage, in situations with mixed Progress versions at your end customers or users! This avoids the need to maintain two similar applications in parallel, probably for many years.


WinKit migration tools (WinKit MTK)

An application will typically be linked to the WinKit functionality by inserting include files in strategic locations of the source code. Depending on the type of application the migration can be done using tools based on the AppBuilder API or Proparse. Once the required code changes have been identified these migration tools will perform the bulk migration of your application quickly and with no need for manual interaction.


Coaching and Mentoring

We help to ensure the optimal use of our toolkit by providing coaching or mentoring. We deliver the necessary know-how to our customers to obtain all the knowledge required to manage the parallel operation of ABL windows and .NET forms within an application. Our advisory services cover also evaluations of which modules of your application will profit mostly from a complete conversion to modern .NET components. As training partners of Progress Software we can also help advise customers of the training needs of their teams, making them capable of successfully creating new applications based on. NET user interfaces.


Ready for OpenEdge 11

The WinKit is currently shipped and supported on OpenEdge 10.2B. Our development team has already ensured compatibility with the upcoming major release – OpenEdge 11. The WinKit simplifies the adoption of latest OpenEdge language and platform features and can be used together with our SmartComponent Library. Our tools are tested using the latest OpenEdge UltraControls (Infragistics Controls) to ensure that your applications can support the look and feel of Microsoft Office 2010.



Additional Questions? Check out our WinKit FAQ!

WinKit case study

Progress Partner update texware Modernizes its Progress-based Application with a New User Interface. Progress Software Professional Services and Consultingwerk Collaborate to Expedite the deployment of a new UI [mehr]


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